Meaning of Animoosh

We all have dogs for different reasons and each one of them holds a special place in our hearts. My work often takes me to northern Ontario (and that's way farther north than Highway 7!)  Here dogs live a different type of existence.  I knew after my first visit to a fly-in community that one day a little pup would come home with me.  Well, that day came in October 2014 when "Ki" - short for Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwig, got on a plane with me in a small carrier bag and landed in Muskoka.


Animoosh is Ojibwe for "Dog"




Animoosh Agility Satisfaction Survey 2017 Results

  • "Echo" - AAC Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence - teaches me patience, understanding and dedication.
  • "Ki" - ATChC - teaches me compassion, duty and kindness.


  • "Marina" - AAC Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence - taught me loyalty, companionship and devotion.
  • "Chicane" - taught me commitment, perseverance and empathy. 
  • "Lucky" - taught me responsibility, selflessness and partnership.



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